PIC18: Connecting to a PS/2 mouse

ps2 pic In a previous article we saw how to connect to a PS/2 keyboard. Here we are completing topic by describing how a PS/2 mouse can be interfaced to a PIC micro.

PIC18: Ultrasonic sensor

hc-sr04 In this article we are going to experiment with an ultrasonic sensor, the HC-SR04; it seems quite known and common, especially in the Arduino community, maybe because it is quite cheap and simple to operate.

Wanna discover how we can use it to measure the distance of an object, by interfacing it to the Freedom II development board? Yes? Coool! So... let's get started!

PIC18: 7-segment displays

7seg-3d 7-segment displays are an effective and still widely used way of displaying alphanumeric data.

In fact they are quite simple, because they consist of 8 leds (decimal point included) connected in parallel and with the cathode (or anode) in common; by turning on specific leds ('segments') a number or letter is displayed.

Here we see the two types of displays:


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